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Terms and Conditions | Procedures and Policies

  • All Dogs must be fully up to date with their vaccinations. Flea and Tick treatments as well as worming must also all be up to date. 

  • Should your dog have any accidents that result in veterinary treatment whilst in our care, you will be responsible for this cost.  

  • SDDC will not be held accountable for vet fees or third party claims whilst your dog is in our care. 

  • In the event of an emergency, we will do everything necessary to contact you, however we recommend you provide a contact number of a trusted third party should we be unable to get you.If there is a medical emergency and we cannot contact you, Ann watt/Sophie Keiro will take control of the decision to seek vet help. 

  • You will be responsible for any vet fees incurred by SDDC. 

  • SDDC takes great pride in the care of any animal in our charge, however, we cannot be held responsible for any loss, accident, injury or death caused to any animal whilst in my care. 

  • SDDC will not accept dogs listed on the Dangerous Dogs Act. 

  • Although SDDC is insured for Public Liability, wherever possible pets should be insured by the client 

  • SDDC will not accept bitches in season in doggy day care under any circumstances, I ask that owners contact me immediately if they suspect their dog is in season. All bitches in season will need to be off the full 21 days and washed before coming back to SDDC. 

  • Payment of daycare is in advance, we do prefer monthly starting at the beginning of each month. 

  • For those who pay weekly, payment is due in cash/card on the first day in advance of care e.g. ( if you book for Monday and Thursday, payment is due on the Monday for both days) no later than the Friday of each week 

  • SDDC have qualified trainers on site all the time and as much as possible we do endeavour to keep dogs safe  but working with any animals is  a risk and  accidents can  happen, we do not allow mass amounts of dogs to play together and we match your dog according to their personalities but sddc cannot accept any responsibility for minor/major accidents while dogs are in our care.  We are proud of our safe care policy and are very vigilant at all times, with trainers ongoing in CPD in dog handling. 

Booking Of Doggy Day Care

  • All daycare space should be booked at least  24 hours in advance. We do however have last minute spaces please txt Sophie - 0751106155 for this facility. 

  • We will do our best to accommodate last minute emergencies where possible 

  • Should you decide to shorten your booking or return earlier than dates arranged you will not be entitled to a refund.

Cancellation Of Doggy Day Care

  • Cancellation. I know things change at short notice, but I do ask that you provide at least 24 hours notice or the full fee owing for that day may still be charged. 

  • Due to limited spaces if you wish to cancel your Dog's daycare space you must provide at least 48 hours notice or the full fee owing for the daycare may still be charged. 

  • Emergencies will be dealt with on a case by case basis 

  • All dogs must bring their own food in a plastic tub. You will be responsible for any additional costs incurred i.e. additional food, should you fail to provide enough.


  • Should you no longer require our services, 7 days written notice is required. Failure to provide adequate notice will result in 50% fee of your dogs usual weekly daycare 

  • SDBC reserves the right to terminate our agreement at any time if the terms are not adhered to. 

  • Following termination, full payment for any outstanding services, should be paid immediately

Business Hours and contact

  • Our office hours are 7:30am – 6pm Monday to Friday   


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Doc ref:SDBC CP001 v 1.0   review date April 2022                Tel 07825380251 

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