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Gundog Training

Welcome to Pet Gundog Training Stirling, here you’ll find everything you need to know about classes, as well as videos and photos of what we have been up to during classes.

Now about me, my name is Malcolm and I have been training and working Gundogs from the age of 8, however most of this was done growing up in Kenya and so a whole different ballgame but with the same principles. Over here I have been training and working Gundogs for 5years now, and competing in working test and Gundogs trials for 3years. Most my experience is with retrievers and spaniels but being brought up alongside a pointer, and the first dog I trained being a German Wierhair Pointer x Labrador I have an understanding of their training and mindset.

If you are interested in Gundog Training, or want to learn more please contact via Facebook @Pet Gundog Training Stirling

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