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Bark-A-Thon is a seminar on working on stopping your dogs barking in the home and out the home.


Helping to stop your dog:

  • Barking at people knocking at the door

  • Barking at visitors

  • Barking at the window or letterbox 

  • Barking at objects like wheelie bins


The workshop runs over the space of two weeks with both days being a Sunday.


Dogs must be both human and dog friendly


Day 1 

The first day does not have dogs in attendance, this allows us looks Into the theory behind the behaviour. During day one we will cover:

  • What is the underlying cause of the behaviour

  • What are the triggers for your dogs behaviour

  • Who does your daily routine impact the dogs behaviour 


Day 2 

On day two we ask you to bring your dog, and put into practice the learnings from day 1. During day 2, we work on the following:

  • Settling in the home

  • Stopping your dog barking at the window

  • Stopping your dog barking with people walking past your window

  • Stopping your dog barking in the garden 

  • Working through the different triggers that your dogs has 

  • Working on stopping your dogs jumping up when a visitor comes to your house



The cost the workshop is £85 per dog.

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