Doggy Day Training Care Centre

Within SDBC we have our own specialised Day Care Training Facility where we deliver care and training tailored to your pets individual training requirements.

How do we differ from other day care providers?

Our Day Care Training Facility train as well as care for your pet. This is facilitated by our qualified on site behaviourist, supported by trainers delivering the most current science based training.
There will be an initial assessment of your dog by a qualified dog behaviourist as to the suitability of attending our site. Based on this, unique daily schedules are designed to meet the individual needs of your dog.

This may include areas such as; recall problems, socialising problems, behavioural issues. We are here to support your dog adjust to a care facility ,learning essential life skills at the same time. This will enable you and your pet to develop a confident relationship which will last a lifetime.

What would a typical day look like?

Firstly each day is filled with new experiences and fun!

Your dogs day is supported by trainers/dog handlers with the guidance of a behaviourist on site at all times. Each dog will be matched into a small group of 3 or 4 dogs where we work through training plans.These plans have been discussed and agreed with their individual needs .Playtime with their friends in the small group ensure size matching as well as developmental needs being met.

We do this as we are well aware that free running in large groups without a structured day can cause severe behavioural problems for some dogs.To remove this issue ,matching the dogs is pivotal part of our facility and small groups are found to be more beneficial to the learning and experience of socialising within day care setting.

After an organised train/play session each dog has its own individual safe space with bed and water bowl for calm down time. Science has informed us that this is critical for their well being, giving them space to fully rest ready for their next session.

Their next activity of the day is a real outside walk .Small group ensures each dog has opportunity to sniff and explore their natural environment as nature intended. As this is often the favourite time of the day , this allows us to delivering training outside with natural distractions which can’t be found indoors.


Opportunity to expand on existing life skills such as loose lead walking and dog behaviour in an external environment while meeting the dogs natural needs. The enrichment this brings to your pet is enormous and allows caregivers down time in the evening if they wish to refrain from their evening walk after a busy day at work. Safe in the knowledge you’r pet has had a proper daily walk done by a professional dog handler or trainer.

After their lunch break of a full hour, the fun in play and learning starts once again until you collect your pet.


Puppies have a different day due to genetics ,age, growth plates and physical abilities . All puppies are cared for on an individual program, we develop each program up to suit your puppy's needs .This enables them to grow in confidence at their speed guided by professional hands using up to date science based training methods.

All puppies have their own bed and water bowl plus a trainer allocated to your puppy with one of the qualified dog behaviourists fully backing up the training plan.

Puppies also have an outside walking time to allow them to fulfil their natural needs and allow quality enrichment into their day.

Due to the puppy’s growth plates not being closed , their walks may be alone .This is to ensure we adhere to veterinarian guide lines on puppy play/walk periods.As over exercising may result in joint issues in later life. We do everything to build your puppy’s conditioning as supported by our in house conditioning coach.

During Covid 19 period the puppies of 2020 are left in a vulnerable position. The Critical Period up to 17 weeks when your puppy should be experiencing socialising within different environments, due to social distancing you can not take your puppy to public places to interact with other dogs. We can do this for you within our private isolated secured 2 acre field.Your puppies have the freedom to play and run off lead and you have the psychological safety knowing they are being cared for by our behaviourist and trainers.

This will ensure the risk of behavioural issues later in your puppies life are reduced and more often than not removed.

Our infection control is exceptional; in line with guidance from Scottish Government and policies created using guidance taken from Spaulding's Classification.

How to apply

If you are interested in this professional first class service please contact us through this website and we will discuss your puppy/dogs needs.

As a professional training centre we have an application and trial system to identify we are the correct facility for your pet.

Stirling Dog Behavioural Centre is a positive, force free ,training facility with amazing reviews from our expanding client base. We are here to care and train your pet to our high professional standards.
This facility is highly desirable due to our unique approach to training accompanied by care .Due to the demands, at time we hold a waiting list. We do not offer places to each pet that applies if we honestly think we can’t offer the requirements to meet your pets needs.

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