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Puppy School

The first 17 weeks of your puppies life have been scientifically proven to be the most important time of a dogs life. During this period research shows puppies that have been well socialised, playing with other puppies of the same age and experienced different life events, textures, noises etc. go on to be well rounded, friendly and well socialised dogs.


In our puppy school, we cover all of the areas needed to fulfil a puppies experiences within the first 20 weeks of its life. For example we cover: bite inhibit; resources guarding; jumping up; body desensitising; heel work; recall; stranger danger; first aid; open access code etc.

We have an interactive play area for our puppies and during the class, puppies of similar sizes will play together in this area. We have toys of different textures, interactive games and a dressing up box of different things dogs are prone to being scared of.

Due to the different weeks of age a puppy arrives at the puppy school, SDBC has a specialised kindergarten class so you can be assured that your puppies confidence will grow at its own pace by playing with like minded puppies. Once ready, they can move to the junior school next door at the correct time for both pup and owner.

Puppy School Times:


9:30am (Kindergarten and under 20 weeks)

11.30am Over 20 weeks Class

11.30am Intermediate Class

11.30am Kennel Club Good Citizen Class


13:30pm Pawsitive Reaction Class

Classes don't suit your needs?

🐶 Puppy Training Specialist Service 🐶 


Do you have a puppy and need professional training, help and guidance, but our class times don’t suit you? 


We have now launched a new puppy training plan called;


Puppy Life Skills


This plan will include vital skills and information regarding walks, food and nutrition and the effects on behaviour, first aid, recall, loose lead walking, jumping up, settling down, puppy mouthing and chewing. Vital socialising is also included and will be on our own site with our trained dogs to help puppy’s gain confidence walking in your own neighbourhood (Extra charges will apply if outwith Stirling area). 


You will also receive full access to our online puppy school, plus The Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Award 🥇 


Session details;


5 x 1 hour sessions


Cost: £150


Personalised puppy training 

Tailored for you and your puppy 

At times convenient to you 🤍

Terms & Conditions

As a small business we are limited in how many slots in both one-to-ones and classes we can provide. As such, we operate a no refunds policy due to loss of earnings and subsequent impact on the business and our people. Where situations arise that prevent you from attending your slot, we can attempt to reschedule and accommodate with future appointments and classes.

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