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Pawsitive Puppies Online Training School

​What can our school offer you that other methods of training can’t?

Pawsitive Puppies Online Training School can support learning in a method that is convenient for your lifestyle.

Imagine having:

Up to date science-based training at your fingertips.

Having the convenience of training in your own home at a press of a button.

Train at a time that suits you and at your own pace.

The opportunity to revisit the lesson more than once to ensure you have understood and what you are doing is the same as what you are seeing.

Remove potential awkwardness of being in a class and feeling unsure.

Doesn’t this sound great and just what you need?

Each week there are modules with content that builds on the previous weeks training. In order for you to obtain the results we know that are realistic and achievable, we recommend you follow the programme week by week in sequence. There are 8 modules within this puppy programme with further advanced modules available to access separately.

We also support you with two comprehensive question and answer sessions focusing on the most frequently asked questions that a new owner is likely to ask.

The initial question time covers

owning a dog and the behaviours they can present with 

The second question time covers

common adolescent behaviours and how to resolve them


There may have been barriers to you training such as:

- Working shifts that make it impossible to attend classes on a regular basis.

- Other obligations that take your time such as family members attending clubs and you’re are the taxi!

- Geography, you may stay a distance from a quality trainer which makes the trainer unattainable

We have removed them for you.

This Pawsitive Puppies Online Training School is an opportunity for you and your puppy to experience exceptional training that otherwise may not have been accessible to you. If you don’t have a puppy, what a fabulous gift this would be for your loved one that does.

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