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Training Classes

This is a service we offer for owners with a new puppy and want to get there life started off on the correct road.

Science has proven the first 17 weeks of a puppy’s life is crucial and the most important time in the training window. We cannot get these weeks back so if there is ever a period you train your puppy then this is the period of training.

Unfortunately all to often owners wait until the puppy is approximately 6 months of age when problems start to appear before they start any formal training. But by doing puppy early intervention training our aim is to shape the puppy’s mind and behaviour and build a good bond between puppy and owners so we are well prepared for the teenage stage of development when it arrives. 

One hour training session covering areas of training and understanding in:

  • Types of food and ingredients  in the food for puppies.

  • Growth Plates

  • First aid

  • Leave command

  • Jumping up and how to make sure this is not a problem

  • Beginning of recall 

  • Toilet training

  • Lead/harness and which is best for your puppy. 

  • How to meet new dogs

  • Importance of socialising window


Get your puppy off to the best start, this 121 training is done as from your puppy being 8 weeks of age up to 20 weeks.

Cost is £50 and the session is a training venue, if the you prefer to have the session in the comfort of your own home then please add £10 to the cost.

Terms & Conditions

As a small business we are limited in how many slots in both one-to-ones and classes we can provide. As such, we operate a no refunds policy due to loss of earnings and subsequent impact on the business and our people. Where situations arise that prevent you from attending your slot, we can attempt to reschedule and accommodate with future appointments and classes.

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