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Agility is a fast growing dog sport cross the world and we are pleased to announce that we are now offering classes. These classes are outside and weather permitting.

To attend this class you need to have the ability to recall from distractions and basic obedience.

Improvers Class


  • This class is suitable for dogs of at least 12 months of age and who have already been introduced to some of the equipment.

  • This class will work on building an active relationship between you and your dog.

  • For those who are interested in competing at agility we will cover the basic handling skills so that you are in a good position to progress.

  • The agility class have a fun competition at the end of each block with prizes for the best dogs in the class.



£120 per 8 week block. Must be paid in advance of classes starting

When attending the class please bring non slip footwear, warm clothing and a selection of balls and tuggys, treats and water for your dog.

Please do not feed your dog immediately before your class.

Terms & Conditions

As a small business we are limited in how many slots in both one-to-ones and classes we can provide. As such, we operate a no refunds policy due to loss of earnings and subsequent impact on the business and our people. Where situations arise that prevent you from attending your slot, we can attempt to reschedule and accommodate with future appointments and classes.

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