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Behavioural Problems
Online Training School

A dog with behavioural problems will create uncertainty, lack of trust, frustration and changes in your own behaviour with walks becoming difficult and frustrating or damage ocurring to your home, garden etc.

Content within this online course will review and address the following;

- Dog on dog reactivity
- Lunging at humans and dogs
- Not settling in the house
- Barking in the garden or at windows
- Chasing joggers/bikes/deer etc.

We have created a step by step program which will enable you to support and control your dog using kind and effective science based training games.

We will demonstrate ways in which to modify your dogs behaviour by tutorials and videos. This will be at the touch of a button which you can revisit as and when required.

We would recommend finalising, expanding your understanding and reiterating your dogs rehabilitation in a controlled environment. This can be achieved by enrolling in a training school local to you that specialise in this discipline.

We do deliver this within SDBC.

Included in this package are videos on how to do this safely yourself to support your learning if you are unable to gain access to a local school.

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